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The four elements of our Screen My Porch System were expertly combined to create the most durable, attractive, and quality screening system for your home or business. With expert installation and 10+ year life expectancy, this is “The Better Way to Screen A Porch”.

Our Frame

We only use extruded aluminum power-coated frames. The extruded aluminum and power coating gives us the strongest, most durable and attractive product on the market. Our framing system is 3 times heavier than a typical folded aluminum frame.

Our Screws

We use a 1 7/8” #8 modified truss panhead screw that we have specifically coated in ceramic*. Why? Because an uncoated or painted screw can rust or have reactions with other metals. The copper concentration in treated lumber demands a coated screw and salt air is deadly. To better protect your porch from these problems, ceramic-coated screws are vital. *Anti-corrosion ceramic coating certified to ASTM B117 7,500-10,000 hours of salt spray.

Our Screen

Our Nano Screen is an outdoor fabric that is far superior to today’s fiberglass screen fabrics. This advanced technology is setting a new durability standard for outdoor screen and provides increased strength, stability against deterioration from exposure to the sun, and tear resistance.

  • Tear and puncture resistant – A combination of superior strength and weight create unmatched durability. At 6.5 oz. per square yard, Nano Screen is 18% heavier than fiberglass. Nano Screen fabric utilizes an extrusion-coated polyester core yarn, which results in superior ball burst strength that is 300% stronger than fiberglass* and extends the life of the product. These features translate into fabric that is highly resistant to punctures and tears, caused by wind driven debris and pet or pest damage. *Strengths are industry-established measures for the amount of force required to tear both damaged and undamaged textile products.
  • Stability from UV damage – Nano Screen is unsurpassed in color retention, longevity and filtering characteristics. With Nano Screen, extended exposure to sun will not result in bleaching, flaking and fading like other screens. While fiberglass screen gets brittle from sun exposure and age, Nano Screen is virtually unaffected – looking newer longer.
  • Mildew Resistant – Our Nano Screen fabric includes a biocide compound that resists mildew growth.

Our Spline

We use a specifically formulated flat spline, not a round hollow spline or staples. A flat spline gives greater holding power for screen tension, and by not using staples we have greatly reduced the risk of tearing the screen. Flat spline allows for very large panel sizes and greater wind resistances. While maximizing expansive views from your clients screen porch. Up to 120 SF per panel.

Combining the best four elements to screen your porch, we are able to provide you with unmatched quality, longevity and up to 120 SF per screen panel for unobstructed and expansive views without posts or loose and sagging screens.

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